Building perfection: family passion

Our perfection in pool fabrication stems from a long experience in residential building and construction. The Messana’s family business was founded around 20 years ago by Mariano and grew in experience and innovation with the new generation, Francesco and Maurizio working alongside their father. From solid roots in the 1990’s we saw the expansion and modernisation of equipment, systems, design and growth, working with all kinds of building from reinforced concrete constructions to the renovation of colonial houses. With the increasing demand in country houses with swimming pools among Italian and foreign homeowners alike our passion for constructing the perfect swimming pool began. In 2005 we launched our new business, MARCHE PISCINE, a tribute to the region where the work of the Messana family developed.

chi siamo - marche piscine


To meet every need, personalising and carefully studying every aspect of design, construction and maintenance, contributing to the well-being of the person and the family atmosphere, providing added value to the living space and property, ensuring safety and comfort. Working predominantly in Marche but now also in several other Italian regions being interested in Messana quality.


The attention to detail and the proposal of sought-after aesthetic solutions, paying special attention to individuals wide and diverse wishes. A corporate outlook that sees investment in quality and resources and with a team spirit that is the key to success with results that combine quality and price. Special qualities: experience, precision, great passion.

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