In addition to the “turnkey” ( start-to-finish) design, you can entrust Marche Swimming pools to also take care of the maintenance of your pool, leaving you to enjoy your well-deserved moments of relaxation. Our customers know they can count not only on a product range suited to all needs, but also on a Post Sales and Professional Service organization. This is our real strength: Whether it’s a small or big project, whether public or private, in-ground or aboveground, our team is always ready to intervene, guaranteeing security, competence and efficiency.
We are able to provide a scheduled maintenance contract taking into account the real needs of the customer by providing different and customized contracts.
Always keeping in mind a fundamental goal: to provide the customer with an all-inclusive service that combines the utmost reliability with the minimum of management costs, the speed of intervention with the accuracy of the performance.
Marche Piscine, Jesi


Do you have an emergency? Do you have problems or questions about the electrical or filtration system? Do you need assistance or simple advice on how to operate your equipment? Contact us and our team of technical experts will be at your complete disposal.


From the winter closure to the spring opening or for temporary closures MARCHE PISCINE offers you a full service: emptying of the swimming pool, light cleaning, thorough cleaning, maintenance and cleaning of the technical and plumbing system (pipes, filters, pumps, fuse box and electrical components). We provide a complete maintenance service including chemical balance control and water treatment. We will also instruct you or the dedicated person responsible for maintaining the pool.


Every day your pool’s water comes into contact with microorganisms, dust, bacteria and dirt which could be harmful to your health. Everything is easily eliminated with a good filtration system and effective disinfectant treatments.

Treating the water of your pool is a necessary and critical task. Our staff is consistently trained and updated with the main regulations and particularities for water purification and sanitising. Our business philosophy envisages the use of natural and biodegradable products, carefully selected in total respect of the environment and of the person.

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