Marche Piscine Pools


A mirror of water.

This method of filtration requires that the water is always kept at the same level as the top edge of the pool and overflows into the drainage channel. The waters collected here flow into the recharge tank where it is pumped through the purification system and returned to the pool. The overflow allows for a perfectly clean mirror effect through the cyclical filtration of impurities floating on the surface. The result is an elegant impression of a continuous flow that seems to have no limits or borders.

Realizzazione e Manutenzione Piscine Jesi


A dip into the horizon.

If you want to amaze yourself and your friends with special effects, the floating pool is the one for you.

You will appear to be in front of a moving photograph where the water line blends inseparably with the line of the horizon. Here you will come to an almost cinematic show where the water infuses with the sky, the sea or just the meadow next door.

Marche Piscine Pools


The classic quality

Skimmer pools are the system that most closely reflects the needs of those who want a quality pool but at low cost. This is the most common method for filtering water. Water is collected and filtered through the openings (skimmer) placed along the upper inner edge of the pool where larger particles are collected into easily removable baskets. The number and position vary depending on the type and size of the pool. Once it has flowed through the skimmer the water is pumped to the main filter where the purification takes place and subsequently clean water is reintroduced through the inlet vents.